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David Haak

213 Latham Hall (0390)
220 Ag Quad Lane
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Assistant Professor

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

One of the goals of research in my lab is to understand how interactions at the genomic level impact organismal responses with an aim to improve productivity and sustainability of agricultural plants in the eastern United States.  We have several projects in this area including investigations of plant-microbe genomic interactions that enhance plant resistance to pathogens, epigenomic mechanisms that lead to the rapid evolution of stress tolerance, genomic responses to drought and herbivore stress, genomic regulation of plant-viral interactions, and finally, host-microbe-parasite genomic interactions in the honey bee gut that impact host health.  The development of genomic and bioinformatic resources is central to each of these projects.  Members of the lab have produced products such as new or improved reference genomes, bioinformatic tools that employ traditional and machine learning algorithms, and novel workflows for coupling existing genomic resources with advanced sequencing technologies.  

Research Interests

Evolutionary ecological genomics / genetics in plant defense and physiology / plant-environment interactions / host-microbiome interactions