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M. A. Saghai-Maroof

220 Ag Quad Lane
501 Latham Hall
Blacksburg, Virginia

TPS Director of Recruitment 2018-2019

School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Saghai-Maroof's research seeks to understand  the genetic basis of host resistance to Soybean mosaic virus and Phytophthora sojae (root/stem rot) diseases.

His lab focuses on Identification, discovery, characterization and deployment of genes controlling soybean seed quality and composition traits including phytic acid, carbohydrate and protein content. These projects are facilitated with the use of genome sequence information from soybean and its pathogens. His groups findings are addressing agricultural and environmental sustainability issues as well as facilitating development of value-added soybeans for animal feed and human food through marker-assisted selection and molecular breeding programs.

Research Interests

Crop genomics; plant pathogenics