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Dorothea Tholl


Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

By examining the formation and biological functions of small molecules or "info"-chemicals in organism-environment interactions, Dr. Dorothea Tholl's research focuses on the 1) Genomics, metabolism, and functions of volatile "messengers" in plant roots and the rhizosphere; 2) Biochemical evolution, chemical ecology and genetic engineering of insect pheromones.

Current projects include:

  1. Volatile Compounds in Plant Roots and the Rhizosphere
  2. Root Crop Volatiles and Global Change: Elucidating the Genetic Determinants of Undesired Taste in Carrot Roots Upon Temperature Stress
  3. Insect Pheromones: Biochemical Evolution, Chemical Ecology, and Genetic Engineering

Research Interests

Biology, Functional Genomics, and Biochemistry of Chemical Communication