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The Translational Plant Sciences Center Graduate Student Organization (TPSC-GSO) is involved in strengthening research, student life, and professional development. Our graduate students’ research spans many diverse areas with a common interest of utilizing molecular approaches to observe plant development processes and interactions with their environment. The TPSC-GSO is a strong, vibrant community that benefits from student involvement and collaboration to prepare our graduates to be successful in their future careers. Being a member of the GSO is a valuable learning experience, which allows students to work in close collaboration with other students and faculty members on interdisciplinary research projects. Additionally, the GSO provides opportunities to build and strengthen collaboration between TPS members and other departments who share similar interests in plant science research through monthly discussion groups, retreats, social events, and professional development.  The main goal of the TPSC-GSO provides a platform for students from different labs and departments to work collaboratively to further the field of plant science research.


2021-2020 Leadership

President: Kelsey Reed
Treasurer: Kshitiz Dhakal
Social Media Coordinators: Marcela Johnson and Joseph Taylor
Recruitment Coordinators: Mariah Rojos and Connor Doyle                            Event Coordinators: Zachary Shea and Brian Ruether                Discussion Group Coordinator: Parkesh Suseendran


Latham Hall 
Mail code: 0390 
220 Ag Quad Lane 
Blacksburg, VA 24061