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The Translation Plant Sciences Center- Discussion Group (TPSC-DG) is a monthly seminar series that brings together the TPSC community to share ideas, learn new techniques, and collaborate with colleagues both within the Translational Plant Sciences Center and beyond.  The TPSC-DG showcases student research and awards, while seeking out opportunities to provide a platform for discussion and collaboration for both graduate students and faculty looking to expand on experiments in their labs.  In addition to the seminar series, the TPSC-DG provides training sessions and workshops on available equipment, techniques, and professional development for both students and faculty.  The TPSC-DG aims to increase the available knowledge and highlight the resources that are available to members of the TPSC community.  


Parkesh Suseendran, 2021-2022 Graduate Student Discussion Group Coordinator
Fall 2021 Schedule
September 15, 2021: Bas Bargmann Lab
September 29, 2021: Brian Badgley 
October 13, 2021: Cook Counseling, Understanding Diversity
October 27, 2021:  Boris Vinatzer Lab
November 10, 2021: Xiaofeng Wang Lab
November 17, 2021: Maaz Gardezi
December 1, 2021: Kylene Kehn-Hall


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